TCU - Gear

DFOX makes it possible to read and write TCU automatic transmission control units.
TCU stands for Transmission Control Unit.

Working on automatic transmissions with DFOX

There are many ways to connect:

  • OBD
  • Pinout (Bench)
  • JTAG

Before programming the vehicle’s TCU, DFOX calculates and corrects the Checksum/RSA/CVN of the file and performs the necessary checks on the file to avoid any risk.

ECU CLONING function: Full reading and writing of Micro + Flash + EEPROM. When DFOX reads the complete contents of the ECU, it is possible to transfer it to the new ECU by making a complete copy. It will be enough to mount the mechatronics on the car without doing any configuration or setting with the diagnostic.

EHS, SCN, VIN encoding functions available.

The automatic transmission control units managed by DFOX are from:

  • cars/vans
  • truck
  • tractors

Detailed connection diagrams are provided for each control unit.

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