Boot mode with DFOX

Are you looking for a tool to manage ECUs in BOOT MODE? Discover all the benefits of DFOX!
DFOX is the tool for reading and programming ECUs in BOOT MODE. This advanced system enables communication with the processor at a low level.

Working in BOOT MODE with DFOX

The BOOT MODE system is for low-level communication with the ECU processor.

It can prove particularly useful when:

  • the ECU has the bench mode locked by the parent company, but you still want to read the entire contents of the ECU
  • a corrupt file was previously written
  • the ECU is not set up for bench mode: in this case it is possible to work with the ECU open

Before programming the vehicle ECU, DFOX calculates and corrects the Checksum/RSA/CVN of the file and performs the necessary checks on the file to avoid any risk.

Most of the time it is only necessary to connect a boot pin or CNF1 on the board, even through the use of a needle. This will allow you to read and operate on the entire contents of the control unit.

The advantages of DFOX for BOOT MODE.

DFOX allows you to read and program the engine control units of various vehicles, including:

  • cars/vans
  • motorcycle
  • truck
  • tractors
  • marine
  • TCU / Gear

The vehicle list is constantly updated, along with the internal functions of the software.

Before programming the vehicle ECU, DFOX calculates and corrects the Checksum / RSA and CVN of the file and performs all necessary checks on the loaded file to avoid any risk.

DFOX, in addition, allows communication through the OBD diagnostic socket and also in BENCH MODE, JTAG MODE,

Looking for a tool for reading and remapping ECUs in Boot mode? Discover DFOX: one tool for every need!


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