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DFB Technology offers solutions for reading and writing engine control units and automatic transmission of cars, motorcycles, boats, tractors, trucks and industrial machines. DFOX is an essential tool for motor enthusiasts and specialized mechatronic technicians who wish to use a complete and versatile tool.

DFB Technology offers two types of different configurations, based on the possibility of intervening or not on the read file.

  • The Master system is the best solution for those who want to have all the modification work under control. This system provides an unencrypted data file and therefore is able to read and write files completely and autonomously.
  • The Slave system represents the ideal solution for those who are taking their first steps in the world of chiptuning. Allows you to perform all the operations of the Master system, making changes to the associated master.

DFB Technology: advantages

There are many solutions provided by DFB TECHNOLOGY.

DFOX allows you to read and write engine control units, automatic gearboxes, and more.

It also allows the complete cloning of the control units.

DFB Technology solutions provide a wide range of protocols:

  • OBD driver for communication via the car diagnostic socket.
  • BENCH MODE driver for communication via the external pinout of the control unit.
  • BOOT MODE / BAM driver for low level communication.
  • JTAG MODE driver for low level communication.

All this for ECU (Engine Control Unit) and TCU (Transmission Control Unit).

All this in one device.

Professional technical assistance, operating manuals for each control unit.


We offer professional Made in Italy quality products to be managed with a single interface, through our dynamic and intuitive software.


We guarantee our customers the best performance on multiple channels: ad hoc updates, analysis of LOG files and tailor-made solutions.


We have been developing software and hardware for reading and remapping engine control units for over 15 years, guaranteeing professional and safe services.

Areas of use of DFOX

DFOX is the tool that allows you to read and write the ECUs of cars, vans, trucks, tractors, motorbikes, marine vehicles, and industrial engines.
You can use DFOX to perform various operations:



Do you need an OBD ECU reading and writing tool? DFOX is the perfect technology for you!
DFOX allows serial programming with the engine control unit and automatic gearbox via the OBD diagnostic socket.
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Are you looking for a tool for reading and programming ECUs in BENCH MODE? DFOX is the professional tool that’s right for you!
Learn more



Are you looking for a tool for reading and writing ECUs in BOOT MODE? Discover all the advantages of DFOX!
DFOX is the tool for reading and programming engine control units in BOOT MODE. This advanced system allows communication with the low-level processor.
Learn more



Do you need a tool for reading and writing ECUs in JTAG MODE? DFOX is the perfect professional tool for you!
DFOX is a unique professional solution for mechatronics, which allows engine ECUs to be read and programmed via JTAG MODE systems, supporting communication with the low-level processor.
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Press release: Beware of scams!

TFOX/KTM200/KT200/FOXFlash are Chinese clone products.
They have a very high margin for error.
Many people have already been fooled by the poor quality of the materials and above all by the camouflaged software that does a lot of damage.
The original tool is DFOX, manufactured and developed in Italy by us DFB Technology SRL P.IVA (VAT): IT05240760289.

All subscribers are provided with professional technical support and LOG file analysis as well as software and firmware updates.
Updates are performed approximately every 2 days.
They concern not only new drivers, but also new checksums, new Patches,
new virtual files, new data recognitions, new operating manuals, improvements, bug fixes, etc.

We recommend always using original products,
working on vehicles is not a game.


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